Warid SIM verification status by SMS & IVR

Lahore, 26th February 2015: With the current efforts of biometric verification of SIMs nationwide, the telecom industry is facing many challenges to complete the process in time. The main focus of all the mobile operators is to verify the maximum number of their subscribers in the limited allocated time and have initiated innovative ways to facilitate their customers.

“Keeping in mind the tradition of innovation, Warid Telecom has taken it a step further by offering a simple yet innovative way to identify the verification status of any number by calling its IVR numbers 100 or 321,” stated Mr Nauman Fakhar, Director of Customer Services at Warid.

Upon dialing 321 or 100 IVR, the callers will not only be informed on the verification status of their numbers but system will also check the status of any other number registered on their CNIC and will guide the callers on any further procedures required, if any, to complete the verification process. In addition, Warid Telecom has also introduced SMS based service for its customers to check the status by sending the CNIC number to 789 and receiving the status against the said CNIC immediately.

These services, offered by Warid, are designed to provide convenience to the customer without having to leave the comfort of their home.

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