Targeting the future: Peshawar Attack

What happened in Peshawar on Tuesday shook the very soul of the humanity as whole. The heinous attack by the killers of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which killed almost 140 mostly children, has left everyone in the state of mourning. This part of the world has largely felt this pain as we have undergone this pain of losing our children. So in that way we Kashmiris can feel the pain of those parents who lost their kids in the attack.

One cannot think that those who call themselves as ‘Jihadis’ can kill the school going kids who aren’t yet familiar with the worldly affairs. They would have been still in the worlds of ‘fairy tales’ and these Jihadis got in and killed them on the name of ‘Jihad’. They wouldn’t have been aware of the terms which have been coined like ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Taliban. They wouldn’t have been able to differentiate between the two. But TTP got in and slaughtered them for nothing. They were the budding flowers yet to get acquainted with the ‘Thorns’ in the garden.

One can no way justify this barbaric action. One can no way call it a ‘Jihad’. It is sheer terrorism and nothing else. Which religion on the face of this earth teaches to kill the children? Elements like TTP have always tried to malign Islam and the concept of ‘Jihad’. It is because of these elements a common Muslim is becoming the victim and facing the wrath of the ‘Islamophobia’.

Lately TTP has claimed the responsibility of the attack but has been once again disowned by the Afghan Taliban led by Mullah Muhammad Omar. And here one fails to understand who and what this TTP is? TTP claims that it is striving for the creation of Islamic State and tags the Pakistani Army as the ‘Puppets of America’. But question can be asked that how can you create an Islamic State when you are killing the very foundation of it by killing the children? These actions only reflect the criminal and inhuman mindset and nothing else.
Time has come for the government of Pakistan and its Army to chalk out a well planned and sustainable strategy to dismantle such elements from Pakistan. Time has come to eradicate such elements which are working day in and day out to destabilize the state of Pakistan by posing threats (internal) to it and due to which the non-state actors are getting nourished and thus making Pakistan vulnerable to the threats (external), which can, with the passage of time, make Pakistan to face the isolation.

Time has come to make it clear to the world that Pakistan is not a failed state. Time has come to launch an offensive against such terrorists. Time has come for the Army and the Government to work in coordination on the front of launching the offensive in order to eradicate this menace. Because without coordination the things can take ugly turn, like what happened during the operation ‘Zarb-e-Azab’. It was started without the permission of PM Nawaz Sharif. But the situation is different now. Different situations demand different solutions. Now the future of the nation —The future Qadeer Khans’, the future Javid Miandads’, the future Iqbals’ , the future Abdul Sattaar Edhis’ and the future Ayesha Farooqs’ are being killed for no fault of their.

The reaction (stern) is inevitable. Time has come to react. And react fully.

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