SOCH Nominated for GIMA

Rolling out the list of nominations for their 5th year, it came to us no surprise yet again to find our very own Awari boys in the nomination list.
Soch has definitely hit the rights chords with Awari everywhere. On Soch’s recent concert in Karachi, Pakistan’s top actress/model turned out to be a big fan of Soch’s Awari.

Awari by Soch from Ek Villain has in GIMA grabbed up two nominations, one for the best music and the other one for best music arranger.

GIMA is third nomination for Soch; With Life Ok Screen awards being the first and Brittania Filmfare Awards being the second.

Soch did win the Life Ok Screen Awards but did not win the Filmfare Award. Despite the fact they are utmost positive. Soch team and the band members do not regret not winning the Filmfare awards. They were glad to be nominated for a platform as big as Filmfare.

“Being new comer’s nomination for something as huge as Filmfare is an opportunity in itself” said Soch Manager Murtaza Niaz.

As the nominations were announced, Soch’s publicist instantly tweeted about not winning Filmfare for the category of Best Music Directors.
“@connect2afi: Though #Soch did not win #BritanniaFilmfareAwards,we’ve been extremely thrilled on nomination itself. Thnk u all 4 luv & support! @bandsoch” — she tweeted.

The GIMA nomination sure did again give a rush of excitement again amongst Pakistani Music lovers.
Wether the boys will make this win theirs is yet to be seen.

GIMA will be taking place on 24th of Feb 2015, in India.

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