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Mahnur Sultan founder of mahnur.s.stories took an interview of Sheikh Ejaz Ahmed few weeks back. Here is the interview in which Sheikh sharing all his experiences and aims. 

Q:- Why did you  start this page ‘sheikh says’?

A: I actually started with blogging for but then just to keep it active I started posting my tweets on Facebook. And then my friend told me that dude blogging ain’t your thing, you should better take a new start as an entertainer.

Q:- Since there are so many people using social media to make their name, What do you think is it the easiest way to become famous? 

A: Yeah if your target is only to get fame without any respect it is too damn easy.

Q:- You came up with this page i.e ‘Sheikh says’ just to become famous or you have some strong aim behind this?

A: Getting fame isn’t my aim, there are so many ways I can sponsor my page to get more likes and to get more fame. But I just use it to share my views, and I really feel good when people can relate to what I write.

Q:-  Were you this same humorous person before starting ‘sheikh says’ or you are just using this humour to spread strong message?  

A: I’m not a humorous person, I’m not even that social in real life not even now these tweets are just what I think I never tried to make anything funny on purpose.

Q:- You are student at UET, was it an easy task to get admission over there?
A: Nah it wasn’t easy, I was actually good with arts but I don’t know what urged me that I set UET as my target, then I actually struggled for it.

Q:- What do you think where Pakistan is actually lacking?
A: TOLERANCE .. We are such an intolerant nation.. Sorry to say but this is the fact and we can’t deny this. Anything like anything can offend us is seconds. I always say just let everyone live their life the way they wanna live it. For how long we are here ? How about just to live it like a human and not try to be Allah.

Q:- What do you think about Pakistan’s education system?
A:  Do we have a system ? If yes, then we are actually not going anywhere with this. From school to university, from government to private students are suffering in one way or another. Secondly the one sided fake history in our Pakistan studies. From schools to madrassas I can’t see anyone teaching the kids how to respect beliefs of your fellow citizen and what are your duties towards your minorities and how to raise your voice against injustice rather being a part of it.

Q:- Why you always address youth? Any strong reason behind this?
A:  I think they are the ones  who can relate to what I say, and it is easy to change their views and to help them to think differently.

Q:- Does the word impossible exist in your dictionary?

A: Lol yeah. I’m always like “ Nahiii yaar miss karao isay, I can’t do this .”  🙂

Q:- Have you ever experienced failure? If so how did you combat it’s effects?
A: Yup at so many stages in life I failed but as I always say “ Everything happens for good, Allah knows it better.” So this always worked for me. :’)

Q:-Is your page ‘Sheikh says’ your achievement?
A: No I don’t consider it achievement.

Q:- What do you think, how can todays’ teenager use social media in a positive way? What are those ways?
A: Everyone is using it in a positive way I think. Teenagers are doing socializing and it is a good thing.

Q:- Whenever you address youth, we have always seen you saying ” do whatever you want to do” So, Have you adopted the same profession what you wanted?

A: No, I always say engineering is not my thing, I was an art lover, even my family supported me with this but at one point I decided to move towards engineering but now I’m just trying to manage it somehow to get the degree, but I’m still happy Allhamdullilah. But I think other students still got a chance to do something they want and all what they need is someone to encourage them.

Q:- Are you a proud citizen of Pakistan?

A: One day I’ll say that In sha Allah.

Q:- Do You support any political party?

A: I don’t support any party, though I voted for PTI in 2013 but due to some of their decisions and polices I am no more a PTI supporter. Though I’m a follower or Khan sahab because he is the only leader  I can see among these corrupt, selfish and coward politicians .

Q:-  Any of your favourite  Iqbals’ Poetry?

A: Deen-e-kaafir fikr-o-tadbeer-e-jihad

    Deen-e-mullah fi sabeelillah fasaad

Q:-  Your utmost wish?

A:  My friend says that I actually don’t have a wish but some “Choti choti Khushyan” Lol and those are quite weird so I can’t even explain 🙂

Q:- How it feels when people praise you?

A: Well obviously I love that, these people aren’t demanding anything from me, their appreciation and love is totally unconditional.

Q:- Any good suggestion to people of Pakistan?

A : Just stop being a hypocrite. And if you actually want to bring a change in Pakistan, you’ve to change yourself first.

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