Reality of Education in Pakistan

Education comprises two basic elements: academic advancement and character building. The former prepares a school child to secure his future in the physical sense while the later adorns his soul to ensure the development of a strong but humble heart. There are over 450 universities in America but in Pakistan there are only 150 universities who gave degrees. Our neighbor country India also has universities more than us and they are planning to make 1000 more universities. On top of it our higher studies budget has been slashed by 50%. Pakistan spends less portion of its budget on primary education and has the second highest number of out of school children in the world, according to the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2012.

If all students in low income countries learn basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty. This is equal to a 12% cut in global poverty. According to a report by the National Commission for Justice and Peace, in 2009-11, there were 45 lines containing hate material and discrimination content in our children’s textbooks. According to NCJP By 2012, instead of decreasing number of hate content lines, they had increased to 122 lines. Research suggests a lot of teachers are hired because of political connections and through bribes rather than merit. According to the government, over 90% of teachers are trained to teach. Despite Karachi being the most literate, most economically accomplished city, Lahore in higher learning has left it and the rest of the country far behind.

If today west is forward from us in science and technology, including Afghanistan and Iraq fired on us. Our intelligent brains are in wait for the visas for abroad and the governments are anxious to get aids from them. This was not propaganda of any religion or any state whereas behind this there are 500 years Muslim rule on Asia. When a Mughal emperor Jalal_ud_Din Akbar was making a glorious city of Fatah purr sekeri in order to protect some princess at that time on the other hand great Oxford University was going to make in UK. When Jahangir was making Hiran Minar in the memorizing of his pet animal at the same time Pisa University’s Poteyano Collage was under construction. In the end of Mughal era Shah Jahan with his 22000 labors and keen hard work was going to make expensive Taj Mahal for Arjuman Bano Begham at that time in America Hayward College educational institute was coming up.

Today we have only show off places and in the west there are universities, libraries and laborites. This is the result of past, if we want to go forward on the way of progress we have to believe in education. Our soil is enriching of tremendous talent, we just need to polish it. There are thousands talented kids waiting for our little help/time. Let’s help them achieving their dreams. They are the future of Pakistan. The Education Commission Punjab (ECP) tasked with working on legislation for the implementation of Article 25-A, which makes free and compulsory education a right for children aged 5 to 16, is hoping to present its recommendations in a month. The process seems to be underway in Punjab now, hopefully be implemented soon.

Our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) states;

“He who goes forth in search of knowledge is in the way of Allah till he returns”.

Our founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah states;

“Education is a matter of life and death to our nation”.

But today unfortunately we have poor educational system. Our teachers teach us to get good marks in order to earn money. We are not taught moral values of life.


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