Rawalpindi traders announce best save jobs movement over petrol price hike 2023

Rawalpindi: The businessmen of Rawalpindi have announced to launch a job protect movement against the increase in the prices of petroleum products.

More About Rawalpindi traders

According to Express News, Rawalpindi All-Pakistan Restaurant Action Committee has given a strong response to inflation. The traders have said that they will now launch a movement against inflation.

President of Rawalpindi traders Chaudhry Farooq has said that now there will not be only a protest but a protest movement will be launched through which inflation will have to be controlled.

Trader leader Chaudhry Farooq said that after today’s increase in the prices of petroleum products, it has become impossible to do business. The increase of 26 rupees in the price of petrol and 17 rupees in the price of diesel means the announcement of taking away bread from the people. The rulers, the new rulers, the caretaker rulers, Sharif and Zardari are all anti-people rulers, due to the wrong policies of these rulers, two bread crumbs have been taken away from the people today.

The President Action Committee said that the businessmen and people of Pakistan have defaulted, the price of petrol has been increased the most in the history of Pakistan, and appealed to the businessmen and people of the country to participate fully in the Rozgar Bachao movement. After all, food traders across the country provide the most employment, and today it is our trader who is losing his job due to the increase in the prices of petroleum products.

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