Pakistan will rise and shine

Sun was shining. Birds were chirping. Leaves were rustling. Bees were buzzing. Wind was blowing. All living beings were paying attentions to Almighty. like wise, students in school were also busy in remembering their Creator. After assembly,different grades were on way to their respective classes.
”I want to be a Army Doctor.” ”I want to join air force.” ”I will be Pakistan’s next top master chef.” ”I will join Army and will fight against our enemies.” ‘Another hand raised from left corner ”I want to be a scientist, I will publish my research papers.” a boy wearing glasses, sitting in last row, added,” I just want a loving family and a peaceful life I just want to rest” All the class started giggling. Their huge hall sent back echo of their titters. students of class 9th after their examination were doing future discussions with their teacher during partying in hall.
Guns.Fire.Non-stop firing.Emergency.Rangers.Dead bodies..Destruction. A WAR! A WAR INSIDE ‘SCHOOL’
With in few minutes those future doctors, engineers, scientist became HEROES OF THIS NATION! Their dreams became memory .
Where the APS Peshawar got under terrorist’s attack,it made the whole world sullen and sad. 16th December’2014 was not a normal day. The day,when no one breaths. There was darkness spread inside each and every house. They were happy, they wanted to see us in this terrible condition but What?
What did they think? They must have thought something. That we will get scared? We will run away from life? We will stay silent in fear? We wont fight against them? We will give up? We will start admiring their false version of Islam? start believing murder to be Jihad?We will take their barbarism as a sign of faith? We will remain quite?
BUT! They forgot we are Muslims. We are true Muslims. from last 13 years Pakistan is under their terrible attacks, alot of people sacrifice but still the enthusiasm in our country isn’t dead! Yes, We are fighting and we will fight! We will eradicate their impressions.
They are afraid of our elders, So, they have started fighting with our children. But they don’t know ‘bravery is in our hereditary. we never give up. Our fore fathers had sacrificed of Islam and Pakistan. We will never waste their efforts.

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