Pak Soldier – Hero And Fearless Warrior

Most of us think that Why Army is given so much important? What’s the role of the soldier in the development of army and state? Actually army consists of its soldier. The soldier is the one who made army strong and effective. Pakistan has army consisting of strong, brave and best soldiers.

The history shows that how the soldiers of Pakistan Army have risen to defend their borders, their lands, their deserts, their fertile and rich plains, their resources and their people against the severe enemy aggression. September 1965 war is the best example to quote which shows the bravery of the soldiers of Pakistan.

Soldier drives military virtues from the true spirit of Islamic Ideology. They serve for the sovereignty of motherland as its soil contains an unforgettable blood of the martyrs. They conduct military operations on land for the stability of the state and its peace. They are one who fights with bullets against miscreants. One who is ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of nation without thinking about his own family. One who lost his legs in ID Blast in an operation.

Without caring of hot and cold temperature performs their duty responsibly while other people sleep. They assure the nation that they are standing on the front line to guard them. They suffer badly in Siachen with cramps and cold injuries. Perform their duties and live anywhere on anything that nature can offer. Always ready to rescue.

Soldiers laid their lives so that we may live and dedicate their services for the nation. Fight with courage and overwhelming love of the state that resonates in their hearts which leads to secure and peaceful Pakistan for us.

Now it’s the duty of each one of us to pay tribute and respect to them. The soldiers are no more solitary in their sacrifices but besides them stand the entire nation. One who gave up their present for our prosperous future is our hero.

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