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Monopoly and Cheating of Electricity Companies in Pakistan.  Latest News 2023

Electricity Companies plays the most important role in running the economy of any country. From homes to offices to agriculture to industry, electricity has become a part of human life everywhere. Without it, not only all  The wheel of economy stops. Even human lives are endangered in hospitals.  Different countries of the world have found cheap and easy means of generating electricity. In some countries, electricity has started to be provided free of charge. 

Power generation in Pakistan 

But unfortunately, Pakistan is a country where load shedding is done on an hourly basis. The most expensive electricity is generated. And it is collected from the public in the name of electricity bills by multiplying it. Pakistan has electricity companies.  One of them is Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), which generates most of the hydropower and provides electricity to consumers with the help of various distribution companies. 

The second is Pakistan Electricity Companies, which is providing electricity to the public sector with the help of 11 distribution companies. K Electric provides electricity to Karachi and its surrounding areas. 

Apparently, 80% of Pakistan’s population has access to electricity. But rising electricity bills have deprived the lower class of electricity.  Low income and increase in unemployment has affected every class, be it a businessman or a laborer, rich or poor, everyone has been affected by it. 

Big agencies and institutions in Pakistan where electricity consumption is highest. They don’t pay any kind of bill. Politicians. Parliament. WAPDA employees. Bureaucracy Judiciary all bills are put on public. And every other.  New privileges are announced for them every day. And the expenses incurred on them are collected from the people in the name of taxes. 

In 2007, the country suffered from the worst power crisis. Electricity production fell to 6000 MW. And there was a blackout in the country. Before 2016, heavy load shedding started reducing the employment opportunities of the people. In 2013, Pakistan’s electricity companies The generating capacity was 22,812 megawatts, which has reached 37,261 megawatts by 2023. 66% of Pakistan’s electricity is generated from thermal (fossil fuel) and it is an expensive source of electricity generation.24  6% is generated from hydro and 6% from hydropower. Punjab contributes the most in electricity generation followed by Sindh province. 

Fraud Of Electricity Companies on The Public 

The use of this electricity is said to be exaggerated. And the amount of money received from the public in the name of electricity bills is much more than what is said. And the biggest victim of this fraud is Karachi.  People are there. Electricity generation in Karachi is stated as 48000 MW and not more than 26000 MW is delivered. On the other hand bills are received for more than 1 lakh MW. It is claimed that consumption is 175247 MW. 48 thousand. 

After delivering 26,000 in the production of K, how is the charge of more than one lakh managed? On the other hand, LESCO is also involved in a fraud of 128 million. No accountability of these institutions for receiving extra electricity bills in billions.  It is not done.  By mortgaging themselves to the IMF and accepting their conditions, the right to earn a single bread is being taken away from the people by increasing the electricity bills.  He is forced to bear the burden of paying the bill. 

 Corruption is common in every institution in Pakistan Electricity Companies. But the electricity institution has crossed all limits that people are forced to commit suicide due to inflation and bills. 

 On the other hand, due to poor and scattered electricity wires in Karachi, the people have to face a lot of difficulties. And many people die due to the current in the water.  It is a private sector. Still, why does the government not hold the electric company accountable? And why is the responsibility not given to another company? Balochistan has a small population. 

Unable to pay the electricity bill. Therefore, most of the people of Balochistan are companions of darkness. People of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also worried about the huge increase in electricity bills. If the people would generate electricity by themselves and sell it to the government  If so, they are also being bought at cheap prices and sold in expensive form. 

 If Pakistan electricity companies is compared with the neighboring countries, China, India, Bangladesh and even Afghanistan are ahead of us in the field of electricity. And here the rulers are robbing the pockets of the people under the same old and obsolete system to fill their coffers.  is busy 

Electricity Companies
Electricity Companies

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