India is working on a plan to divide Pakistan into 4 parts

India is our biggest enemy. Our history tells us that India played vital role to divide East Pakistan and created Bangladesh. Now India is planning to divide us further into 4 parts and we have to hit them hard. Our Army is strong enough to rip apart India. Read the following news taken from Hindustan Times


Addressing the students of Lovely Professional University (LPU) Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and newly nominated Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy claims that

Following image is telling us the dirty plan of India

“India is making a strategy to divide Pakistan into four, if the neighbour didn’t mend its ways”.

The leader known for his straight and controversial remarks said the groundwork had begun, though no one at the government level would admit to it. “Tomorrow, my party may call it my personal opinion but we all working on it,” he told students.

India is working on a plan to divide Pakistan into 4: BJP Leader says during a University lecture. 

— Pakistan Defence (@defencepk) April 24, 2016

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