Here is official poster of “FATWA” the film

Official poster of “FATWA” the film released.


Zameer is a dedicated Polio worker who has been deployed to head Polio Campaign for 40 days in Rajgarh, a so-called Christian area but strong hold for Religious Extremist Groups. Zameer faces great resistance there from the Religious Fundamentalists, who believe that their spiritual leader Osama-Bin-Laden was assassinated due to on-going Polio Campaign in the Country. Film exposes the religious fundamentalism that they think is right but in reality.. it’s otherwise!

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Express Pakistan is the Social Media Partner of Pakistani Movie “Fatwa”

Movie Description: Film “FATWA” aims to highlight the reasons of increasing Religious Terrorism in Pakistan and all over the World. Religious Extremism that gives birth to the Suicide Bombing, and misinterprets the teachings of Quran to brainwash the young and immature minds. Mindset that encourages these minds to do Honor Killings of such people who they think do not practice Islam nor follow the teachings as mentioned in Holy Quran. Film exposes the religious fundamentalism that they think is right but in reality it’s otherwise.

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