Fragrance Of Paradise by Mahnur Sultan

Moist rain drops. Strong summer’s sunset. Grey winter’s mist. Sullen rustle of autumn’s leaves. Winsome spring’s glow. Memories made. Titters and tears. Sunless days . Alluring nights and potent evenings. A vigorous story. An year made. Tears of December’14 to audacity of December’15.
16th December’14, a grey day in the history of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Grief-stricken after noon. The stars names were engraved on countless broken hearts. Yes, every heart was incredibly broken. Their smiles were enough to make mother earth sad and glum. They say, teachers are spiritual parents and parents never let their children to meet any kind of pain and misery. Similarly, ardent principal and all the teachers of Army Public School & College  were strong and capable enough to meet all that intense agony for their children. Children of this nation. Stupendous students of APSACS Peshawar, Pakistan.
16th December’15, An year down. They say its a black day. Black that shows our hatred for terrorism, show how  much we condemn terrorist’s attacks. We are against this  brutality. We support peace. Blackness shows we support education. Our weapon is qalam (pen). We are people of Pakistan.We are people of peace. WE ARE NOT WITH TERRORIST.
Blackness doesn’t show we are impotent, we are helpless, we are unprotected. No, we are people of Pakistan we are courageous. 16th December where it has broken our hearts into pieces at the same time made us united.
Its a very correct time for this nation to understand its worth. Yes, this nation is in lime light. Why? Why these  terrorist are horror-struck? afraid of us? scared of our children? frightened of our weapon i.e Our brains? Yes, They are extremely nervy. They are full of fear because we have something called Pakistan Army. We have outstanding professors, we have scientists, we have doctors. Pakistan is full of amazingly brilliant students who are capable of doing work wonders. They are afraid of us, as they know our worth. Attack on School was nothing  just a timorous act. Which have made us united,strong and stronger and strongest.
The shuhdaahs of APS are Iqbal’s shaheen.Stars of sky. Fragrance of paradise. Lets together promise to this mother land we will fight, fight till our last. We all will fight against terrorism. We will prove this to world; we are Pakistanis, we are Muslims and we are against Terrorism. We are whisper of peace, we are rain of  comfort. we are ray of  serenity. We are shine of  togetherness. Lets together become an ideal nation. As an individual become tremendously responsible. And ‘aim to become a phenomenal power that would make that every person proud who has sacrificed in this war of terrorism’  
Passing cars of terrorist are the only noise that disturbs the tranquillity of this happy mother earth.
People of Pakistan will rise and shine, very soon InshaaAllah!

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