Faysal Quraishi The Style IconFaysal QuraishiFaysal Quraishi The Style Icon

[Pakistan, Tuesday 21st April’15]: Pakistani TV serial Bashar Momin fans know that no man out-dresses the character of Bashar — but as of 2015, the same rule officially also applies to the man who played Bashar so well, artist Faysal Quraishi. With his extraordinary dressing sense, the actor has impressed fans at all his recent appearances; post the acclaim his character Bashar Momin’s iconic fashion aesthetics received.
Bashar’s slick fashion statements had a lot to do with the show’s popularity, which eventually went on to become one of the most successful TV dramas of the previous year. Whether it was Faysal’s neat undercut hairstyle, impeccably groomed facial hair or his sharp well fitted suits, every aspect of his look was created keeping international trends in mind. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was one of the first celebrities to introduce these trends in Pakistan, which we spotted being reproduced all year round on local runways and TV screens.

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