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Earthquakes Shocks Are a Extremely Sign of Fear For Humans – 2023 News

 For two billion years after separation from the sun, the earth has been under the influence of Earthquakes Shocks. All the minerals are there. They all came out of the earth in the form of earthquakes. The existence of mountains is also due to the intensity of these earthquakes.  This land on which we are living is a hard and solid land. But if we go deep into the earth, the land is extremely hot and boiling from internal volcanoes. According to the geologists, the radius of the earth is 6035 km.  And the crust of the earth on which we live is very weak.

This weak crust of the earth is supported by the mountains. Due to which the earth has stability. There is always an earthquake inside the earth. And these mountains  prevent the earth from shaking. The earth is broken in many places. And the earth’s crust is so weak that there are volcanic mountains. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of the earth’s upper crust.  It occurs as a result of plates colliding. 

 The history of the world is full of natural disasters. Earthquake is also one of these natural disasters. The intensity of which sometimes wipes out the population. 

 Intensity of Earthquakes Shocks

Earthquakes Shocks were not recorded before the 19th century. But at the end of the 19th century, the intensity of earthquakes began to be recorded.  Which was 9.5 on the Richter scale. This earthquake occurred in Chile in 1960. Since the old earthquakes were not recorded, the intensity of these earthquakes can only be estimated from the damages. 

 Japan experiences the most earthquakes. Where earthquakes of magnitude 4 and sometimes more are experienced by the people of Japan. Earthquakes occur more than 1500 times a year. Second after Japan.  Indonesia is a place of earthquakes. 

 Earthquakes are caused by four factors: tectonic, volcanic, collapse and explosion.  A tectonic earthquake is one that occurs when the release of internal energy affects the rocks and adjacent plates and causes the earth’s crust to break due to geological forces that begin to cause various changes in the earth.  Earthquake has to be faced and the land sometimes suffers great destruction 

 Disasters of Earthquakes Shocks

  One of the more devastating earthquakes was the Shaanxi earthquake in 1556, which brought great destruction.  More than 830,000 people died in this earthquake.  were  The 1976 Tangshan earthquake killed 655,000 people, and was the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century, wiping out much of the human population. 

   The Earthquakes Shocks in the Indian Ocean in 2004 caused great destruction. It is considered one of the most dangerous earthquakes in history. 

Causes of Earthquakes Shocks

The earthquakes that caused the most destruction. And due to these earthquakes, human life was the most damaged. They either occurred in highly populated areas.  engulfed. And proved fatal to humans. Because these earthquakes create tsunamis in the sea. As a result, hurricanes wipe out human populations.

Earthquakes sometimes occur in these regions, which are relatively rare.  Areas are counted, where earthquakes occur very rarely. But in such areas, earthquakes have sometimes been so intense that these earthquakes have created a story of destruction. Because no one predicted before any earthquake.  The number of earthquakes that have occurred over the centuries. These earthquakes have caused immense damage to human lives and property. Very large Earthquakes Shocks usually occur only once in a year. 

Sometimes human activities also cause earthquakes, including deep wells, various chemical weapon experiments that weaken the Earth’s crust, including the laying of mines, and the digging of mines to extract minerals.  and the earth’s crust begins to weaken to continuously extract minerals. Another major cause of earthquakes is reservoirs.

It has been observed that in areas with large dams, local earthquakes  These areas include countries like Egypt, Zimbabwe and USA. It can be said about these areas that the rocks near the reservoirs are already under tension due to tectonic forces. The pressure of the water activates the fault.  which sometimes lead to earthquakes. 

 In 1972, the water reservoir was built 317 meters deep. There have been more than 1,800 earthquakes during 9 years. And the number of these earthquakes in the region was 4 times more. 

 Human life is affected by Earthquakes Shocks. But wild life is also affected with it. On the other hand, different changes can be seen in the earth. Rocks change their place. Water changes its direction. And these changes.  It includes tilting, falling, twisting of the ground surface. 

Earthquakes Shocks Forecasting 

 Experts cannot predict the earthquake. When the earthquake will occur and what kind it will be. However, a Dutch scientist, Frank Hou Gerbets, has been predicting earthquakes for some time. And his prediction is only for Turkey.  has been seen to be fulfilled to the extent of and scientists consider this prediction to be just a coincidence, besides, the predictions they made about America, Pakistan and India have not been fulfilled. The predictions they made about Pakistan. 

These days experts from all over the world have rejected Pakistan’s fault plates in the Himalayan mountain range and Pakistan is one of the areas where earthquakes occur less.  They predict with the help of the knowledge of stars. Like most astrologers predict about this world and the people living here. Till today, scientists have not invented such a device that can tell the date and location of an earthquake.  Intensity can be told. Scientists can only inform about the changes happening inside the earth. But Earthquakes Shocks prediction is still not possible. 

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