Dawlance Introduces Inverter technology Air Conditioners in Pakistan

During summers when the temperature rises, it becomes quite difficult to imagine what people do without air conditioning; hand-held fans, prickly heats and putting ice cubes down your back only work if ever, you have to return to the confines of some stifling domicile that badly needs frosty air. A normal air-conditioner just cannot provide the level of comfort necessary in this blazing heat without burning a hole in the consumer’s pocket. However, since technology is moving ahead by leaps and bounds, Dawlance, the premier home appliances company has once again made Pakistan proud by introducing Inverter Air conditioners.

Dawlance Inverter air conditioners are Pakistan’s first environmental friendly Air Conditioners. R410a gas is used as refrigerant in these that is in compliance with European environmental standards, which does not harm the Ozone layer or the environment. The Dawlance inverter air conditioners are equipped with variable speed compressors and intelligent arrays of sensors. They control the speed of the compressor, enabling it to work at maximum speed and capacity to achieve targeted temperature and then reduce the compressor speed and electrical consumption to maintain comfortable room temperature. While, on the other hand, traditional air conditioners regulate temperature by using a compressor that is periodically either working at maximum capacity, or is switched off entirely, during their operational cycle; thus, wasting a whole lot of energy. The Dawlance Inverter Air conditioner is not only efficient in its functioning, but also saves money. It can actually recover its entire purchase cost in 3 years!

Dawlance Inverter Air conditioners by utilizing precise cooling/heating and variable speed technology, bring down power consumption by 30% in comparison with conventional air conditioners of similar capacity. They can save up to Rs. 27,000 in the annual electricity bill.

The Dawlance Inverter Air conditioners are available in 1 ton (12000 BTU) and 1.5 ton (18000 BTU) capacities. They not only cool the environment, making it comfortable, but are also equipped with a Heating function to maintain user comfort in winters as well. The heating option is more comfortable, safer and efficient compared to electric/gas heaters.

Dawlance’s revolutionary technology provides a comfortable environment, be it at home, office, in Gymnasiums, Hotels, Restaurants or in Salons etc. So this year choose the Dawlance Inverter air-conditioners to kill the heat and reduce your electricity bill; both with a single throw of the dice.

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