Changing Colors of Cricket History – Amazing and No 1 Game 

Cricket history  originated in the late 16th century.  Originating in southeast England, it emerged as a popular game in the 18th century and was played internationally in the 19th and 20th centuries.  International matches have been played since the 19th century and formal Test cricket matches have been played since 1877. While football is the second most popular sport in the sporting world.  International cricket is played under the auspices of the ICC. 

Which has more than one hundred countries and territories in its membership, in which only twelve countries play in Test cricket history . 

  The rules of the game have been formally defined. There are different formats of the game, including T-10s to five-day Test matches in cricket history . 

 Starting to Form Teams in Cricket History  

The habit of gambling attracted the gamblers to the game of cricket. From time immemorial till today gambling is played in one form or another. Even in the name of playing county cricket, the big patrons of cricket are also involved in gambling.  .  Because some of the gamblers modernized their gambling by forming their own teams and decided to consolidate their stakes, it is believed that the first “county teams” were formed in the 1660s. 

  Initially, county cricket was promoted by a group of aristocrats and businessmen who were active from around 1725, this is when press coverage became more active, and regular coverage of the game of cricket began.  Those who supported more than that were the elites and businessmen of that time. And then the mention of individual cricket players also started to adorn the newspapers. 

 The popularity of cricket history 

Cricket in North America was introduced to the American people in the 17th century by people in the English colonies.  In the 18th century, cricket became popular in other parts of the world.  Cricket was introduced to the West Indies by the colonialists and the East India Company in the Indian subcontinent and at one time cricket was considered the best form of entertainment for the people of India and Pakistan.  Cricket began to develop in Australia with the beginning of colonization in 1788.  New Zealand and South Africa entered the world of cricket in the early years of the 19th century. 

 Wherever England established its foothold, the game of cricket was promoted there. Although the elite cricket wanted to dominate the sports of all the countries, and it was quite successful.  Canadians did not adopt this sport and they gave more importance to playing baseball instead of cricket. 

  It is not clear when the basic rules and regulations of cricket were determined. But in 1728, regular rules and regulations for cricket began to be determined. It was initiated by the Duke of Richmond and Alan Brodick. 

The beginning of modern cricket history 

 Modern county clubs were established in the 19th century As the first county clubs were established, the demand for players increased.  In 1846, William Clarke formed a cricket team called the Traveling All England XI.  And then other county teams were formed with different names.  And dominated cricket for almost thirty years. 

The development of the railway network in the mid and late 19th century made it easier for cricket teams to travel and the game of cricket began to gain popularity. 

The first international match was played in 1844 between USA and Canada.  This match was played in New York. It was the ground of Jos. George’s Cricket Club. 

 After that, international cricket started and cricket started to be played between countries out of the cities. 

  , in 1862, the first match in cricket history  was played between the English team and Australia. 

In 1877, the first Test matches between England and Australia were played. International matches began to take the game of cricket to the heights of popularity. 

 South Africa became the third Test nation in 1889. 

In 1909, the Imperial Conference of cricket history  was established between England, Australia and South Africa.  Its main purpose was not only to organize international cricket between the three parties but also to lay down the rules of cricket. 

 In 1926, both New Zealand and West Indies became its members. 

Both New Zealand and India became members of the organization before World War II and became Test match playing nations.  Pakistan became a Test match playing nation in 1952. 

 At Pakistan’s suggestion, non-Test playing nations were added in 1965.  In the same days, the organization changed its name to International Conference of cricket history .  The first limited-overs World Cups were played during the 1970s and Sri Lanka became the first associate member to play Tests in 1982.  The ICC was primarily a Western organization, so these countries decided which countries should be allowed to participate in Test cricket. 

With 1984 continuing to increase in international matches, in 1989 the ICC changed its name to the International Cricket Council.  Zimbabwe became a member in 1992 and Bangladesh in 2000. Both Afghanistan and Ireland were recognized as Test teams in 2018, bringing the number of members playing Test cricket to 12. 

In June 2001, 2002, ICC introduced “Test Championship Table” and “One Day International Championship Table”. 

As the ICC expands its development programme, more national teams have been prepared and more are being prepared to compete against each other in various formats and give each other a tough time.  In 2004, the ICC introduced a new format of cricket, Twenty20, which is played in the evening hours, so that even working people can enjoy this pastime. T20 matches have set new records of popularity.  have been established. 

cricket history 
cricket history 

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