And Our New Ways

Wind of change. In past few years. A big transmute is observed in the world. This society perceived to arrogate effortless  and facile ways of living life. Their so called perfect life. Now time is over, when a mother used to wait for her son’s letter. when a solider, on the border wrote to his wife and children,telling them all about his activities. That time when loved ones share their dreams via love letters.

A technology has made its dominating impression on society. It has overcome the feeling of  patience through swift service.

Internet,cell phones, telephone are some of the masters of communication. Culture of letter writing i.e night mail etc are not common now days due to modern and more quick ways of conveying.Where technology has made so many tasks feasible for us at the same time life seems to be dull and charmless. Deep inside we still miss old cuture and ways of sharing true happiness on special moments,where as these new ways have changed the meaning of ‘true happiness‘. Hence,It proves man is a puppet of clay, his creation can never be perfect but only the SUPREME GOD is perfect so.

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